Tips On The Power Of Energy Coaching Animals

Animals, just like humans, also have a special energy surrounding their body. This is called an aura. Every animal has chakra centers within its body. When this internal force becomes unbalanced, illnesses can start entering the body. Find out the techniques and purposes of energy coaching animals by reading this article now.

Natural healing techniques for pets have been emerging in the last few years. Vets across the country are now using alternative therapies, such as chiropractic care, acupuncture, and other natural methods of treatment. Different healing techniques work on different pets.

When you want to heal a small animal like hamster or guinea pig, simply cup your hands gently around the animal. Make sure you refrain from exerting pressure and allow the pet to take in the Reiki energy within your hands. For larger pets like dogs or horses, you will need to try more positions and extend the healing session for longer.

Most experienced healers will tell you to protect yourself before undertaking any spiritual healing or coaching on the animal. This can be done by meditating in a peaceful room prior to starting the session with your pet. You will need to visualize the light and transfer it from your mind to your eyes and then to the area around your pet. Once you are both fully protected by the light, you are ready to start the coaching process.

To begin the healing process, approach the ill pet with caution and care. Walk towards the animal slowly and place your hands on him gently. Pay attention to their response. When applying Reiki style healing on animals, always place your hands gently on the part of the body you wish to heal.

Try to focus on the cause of the pain experienced by your pet. Even if you choose not to touch the surface of their body, you can still lay your hands several inches above their fur so that the animal can feel your energy. Keep this position for a few minutes before repeating the process three or four times in the day. Your pet should start getting back to their normal routine soon after.

Your animal will understand the Reiki healing process and they will feel completely relaxed during the session. They may even start licking your hands and feeling the energy around them. Some pets will spin around to let their owners get closer to the area of discomfort.

During the healing process, your pet will let you know when you must stop. They do this by walking away from you. Alternatively, your intuition will tell you when to stop. Be aware that all pets respond differently to alternative therapies and they may have a reaction a few days later. For example, they may start drinking lots of water to cleanse their body from pain. After the treatment is over, any behavioral issues will have subsided and you should begin seeing many positive changes in your pet. You must cuddle and fuss around your pet so they know they are surrounded by positive vibrations after the healing session is over.